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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Any time we spend with you is a pleasure...

Magnet #963 - Stieglitz's City of Ambition

Alfred Stieglitz's New York City images are always a favorite of mine. This one, called City of Ambition, taken downtown in 1910 is striking for me - the tufts of smoke, the grittiness of the big city against the seeming calmness of the water. Plus, for me Stieglitz seemed to be the ultimate example of hip, old-school New York.

Someone else who reminds me of old-school New York is my old chairman, the founding father of the company I used to work for. Sit with him for a bit, and he can tell you tales anywhere from World War II to the original Stork Club to Vietnam to September 11th.

Today, about 300 people attended a tribute to his late wife of almost 63 years - a woman who was a true force of nature and most beloved by all of us. I'm glad I brought tissues, because while it was a celebration of her life, hearing her friends and family speak about her definitely brought forth a few tears.

Today was also my first event with the company that let me go after more than a dozen years, so I was a little apprehensive. Turns out with 300 people milling around, it's pretty easy to talk to only the people who have a smile, a hug and a handshake for you. There were several of those folks, and it reminded me of how lucky I was to be part of the old guard before the new regime took over. That's the company I want to remember, those are the people I want to remember.

So I learned a lot today. While I knew her as "the boss's wife," we saw a glimpse of the wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and woman. A woman who truly lived her life - for her husband, her family, her community, and most of all, for herself.

Coincidentally, a newsreport last night told me to write my own obituary - as a way to learn about what I'd like my life to be about. After this morning celebrating Bette, I definitely have more of a sense of what it should be.

Also wanted to share a violin piece by Kriesler entitled Liebesfreund (Love's Joy) that violinst Christina Khimm played for us today.

Despite the fact that it has a fabulous name, it's just a lovely, happy piece.
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Anonymous said...

Love your post. Keep writing and keep in touch, lovely one!


joy said...

Thanks so much, Carmela!

vp said...

Thought of you this morning and I'm so happy that this was a positive experience. Nice to remember the good stuff. Love the photo and the music...

joy said...

Thanks, Vicki. Despite the circumstances, it was a fitting tribute to a grand lady. And I hope I did her proud today.