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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good grief, it's a Peanuts 60th anniversary, Charlie Brown!

Magnet #953 - Peanuts 60 Years

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip, and they don't look a day over eight.

Growing up, one of the best things to do on a Sunday morning was to rifle through the cool thickness of the Sunday paper, to be the first to grab the funnies section (And then the sale circulars, but that's a whole other magnet, I suspect) and read it from cover to cover.

For me, that's generally the only way that I've enjoyed the Peanuts gang. While I watched all of the holiday tv specials at least once, I've never been able to re-watch them every year as many of my friends do. So the strips were always the way for me to visit with Snoopy and his pals.

I don't really have a favorite of the gang - well, maybe Woodstock, but that's probably because (even if I hate birds), I'm partial to little yellow ones. But, then it could be Lucy, just because she was always so mean and a part of me identified with her bossing Charlie Brown around. Or, it could be Linus, cuz he was so faithful. Or Snoopy, cuz I would love to fly a plane and have fake dogfights! Or it could be Schroeder, because of his piano playing. Or Pig Pen, because who doesn't like a little muss every now and again.

Or maybe...yeah, see? Maybe they're all my favorites?

I picked up this magnet at BEA, where they were highlighting the 60th anniversary book, giving away these pins and a supercute yellow presskit folder with Charlie Brown's fun zigzig stripes running across it. And, if I weren't awake so early today (on a Saturday, no less), the anniversary would have gotten away from me.

The Schulz Museum in California has arranged and/or sponsored events at several museums around the country - oh, how much fun we could have, Charlie Brown!
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