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Friday, October 22, 2010

The cousins have the blue box!

Magnet #973 - Anime TARDIS

I'm a pusher. What can I say? I love evangelizing my favorite shows. Got a spare few hours?

Much like on the BFF Babymoon over the Confederacy in Richmond, I convinced my decidedly non-scifi loving BFF to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who, tonight, I got my two cousins - you know, much closer to the kid demographic that they aim for - to watch Blink (which freaked them out, natch), Shakespearean Code (which they got the Bard references, yay high school English!), Girl in the Fireplace (during which I heard a softly spoken "POMPadour" in the dark) and the Unicorn & the Wasp (which they giggled at). Yes, one sitting.

Oh, I could probably have pushed for another, but given that we're leaving in a few hours, probably not advisable. Mind you, we did no planning for our roadtrip to Boston tomorrow, but hey, as long as my David Tennant's on the screen, really, who can get anything done?

It was interesting to see their gut reactions to the show - where they laugh (usually when the Doctor's being silly), what they gasp at (usually where Steven Moffat tells them to), the things they groan at (usually when there's a silly Doctor pun). And of course, I love answering questions (though I spaced - pun intended - on TARDIS), explaining companions (though I didn't tell them what happens to Rose), and giving more exposition than they really need (The Doctor regenerates! We call him Ten! He has two hearts!).

I also chirped that the show's been on since 1963 - which the older cousin knew, because she was wondering what this Doctor Who show my sisters and I talk about all the time. And so she wiki'd the thing to find out. Hahaha. Nice.

They seem to really like the show, even as they can't believe it's a kids show. Of course, one could argue that they're really only getting a quarter of the story - and my cousins watched four hours and weren't exposed to a single Dalek or Cyberman, and not one "bigger on the inside" joke, don't know who Torchwood is, or a what a Time Lord is or how he's the last of his kind.

They also didn't get to meet Amy Pond. Or Eleven. Or Nine, for that matter. I mean, clearly, through no fault of their own, their Doctor's gonna be David Tennant.

Eh, but I guess that's the beauty of the DVD boxsets. I can keep feeding them episodes a little at a time, until they can decide for themselves who their Doctor and favorite companion will be.

At least now they know why I was cooing over this little TARDIS at Anime Fest a couple of weeks ago. And at least now you know why I was convinced this guy (combined with the TARDIS nearby) was my Doctor!
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