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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Airports count

Magnet #958 - Zurich

It's an oft-repeated refrain that I dare anyone to refute.

I've been to Switzerland before. But never to Zurich. So now I've been. To the airport, anyway. Twice.

I mean, sure, we didn't leave the grounds, but it totally counts.

In fact, I was thrilled that we were doing a layover in Zurich on the way to the Save the World Wedding in Italy, because I totally knew that I'd have time to sprint into a gift shop and find the cutest magnet I could get my hands on. So, yeah, this magnet would be that cutest magnet I could get my hands on.

One thing that we totally missed, though was a guided tour of the airport. What? If you've been reading this magnetblog long enough, you know I am totally not kidding about the guided tour. It was a cute airport, actually - even if I totally hate their TSA folks for robbing us of our Italian wine.

But, what the Zurich airport did give me was possibly some of the best chocolate I've ever had. And, if you've known me long enough, you know that I can be a bit of a chocolate snob.

I will admit to being won over by the cutest little blue and gold tin (I'm a sucker for cute tins), but I can honestly say that $40 tiny box of Confiserie Sprungli chocolates I bought was fabulous. Di. Vine.

Now. No one dare tell me that they're the equivalent of Hershey's in Switzerland.

I just took a spin on their site, and linked the exact box that I bought. Holy. Frakkin. Cow. Even with all the chocolate I've ever bought, I've never spent that much on 15 chocolates. My. Word. That damn Swiss Franc.

Shoot. I just did the price per calculation. Actually, I have spent that much. Still. These were the best. And look how pretty that tin is!

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