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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's bugging joy

Magnet #649 - John Derian Bug 17

So, I've always hated the Duty-Free shops in airports.

Part of it is because they're positioned after you've already checked bags, so whatever you buy is in addition to the checked luggage, your carry-on and the rest of your crap. It's just more crap to weigh you down.

Also, because they're the ultimate of impulse purchases - forgot to buy someone something? Duty free. Want something from the country you're about to leave? Duty free. Need to get rid of currency because you can't change back coins? Duty free. See something that you suddenly just need to have, even though you walked by a million little shops with the same crap for half the price for the previous week? Duty free. Want something supercute for someone and the packaging is just the prettiest thing you've ever saw and even if you know you really don't need it, you want it, now for yourself? Duty free.

But mostly, I hate duty free because it's a total scam. Totally bought two bottles of Vernaccia (made in San Gimignano) in Florence's DFS, flew into Zurich, where they confiscated it, and promptly blamed the US rules.

Then, the very sweet, but highly annoying Swiss TSA guy was like, would you like your receipt for it? And I'm like, what for? Is Italy going to give me my Euros back? Bah. He must have to explain to every dumb American that passes through the checkpoints why they can't bring the liquid in.

But to be honest, I'm more mad at the Italian duty-free for letting me buy it, or for not mentioning the rules when they require a passport/boarding pass for purchases.

Sigh. This probably adds me to some list somewhere, but grrrr, hate DFS.
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1 comment:

Erika said...

Maybe you should have taken the receipt back afterall and wrote a letter of complaint to the DFS.