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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"A little weird, but kinda cool"

Magnet #664 - Pipecleaner Reindeer

C'mon. How cute is this reindeer?

I just got him yesterday - one of my client colleagues made it! And I stuck a magnet on its butt and magnet-ized it. The funny thing, is that I didn't even need to use the little hot-glue gun - the magnet's doin' all the work for me!

It's so funny - when you're standing around during a shoot - watching the production dudes do their thing; hair, make-up and wardrobe do their thing, and watching playback in the little video village - you have a lot of time to get to know the folks you're hangin' with.

Which is how I ended up confessing a few times this last week about joy magnetism, dubbed by another client colleague as "a little weird, but kinda cool" magnetblog. To be honest, while joy magnetism has been a great source of fun for me, even after 664 magnets, it still doesn't get any easier confessing that I collect magnets, and what's more, I blog on them.

Mind you, having done the 664 magnets gives it a little bit of weight, but people go through the five stages of magnet acceptance, reacting pretty much the same, after the subject first comes up. People cock their heads to the side, much like this little reindeer here, wondering what would possess someone to do either, and questions start to crop up.

Always starting with the disbelieving, You collect...refrigerator magnets? And blog on them?

Then moving on to the clarifying, Are they just travel magnets? Or are they other kinds?

Gravitating to the more practical, Where do you put them? Are they all on your refrigerator? How many do you have?

And then to the more inquisitive, What's your favorite magnet? Why? What's the most unusual magnet you have? From where?

And then finally to the most accepting, What's that address again? I'd like to check it out.

Of course, then they end up reading it back to you the following day, while you're sitting on the catering golf cart next to them, or presenting the cutest little reindeer ever to add to my little magnet collection.

It's cool. Just means they've joined my little reindeer games, thank you very much. Hahaha.
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Erika said...

One of my coworkers today said she had to throw away old magnets to make room for new ones because they didn't fit on her fridge anymore. I was shocked, then told her about your blog and showed her your pictures of how she too can expand from the fridge.

joy said...

I'm sad she threw out old magnets. But, I can understand not wanting to expand from the fridge.

julie said...

i was just telling gordon that we need more magnets for our fridge. couldn't believe i said it either. but we actually USE them, joy, to put things up on our fridge. hahaha