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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleigh wha?

Magnet #660 - Santa

Another one of those magnets I picked up in the middle of the night at a random CVS in North Carolina. I know. Sometimes, I just like to pick the randoms.

But, here's why I'm using this for today.

There's something I just don't understand. Granted, I was born in Chicago, and I grew up in North Carolina, and I've lived in New York for the last 15 years, so I guess I wouldn't really understand, but seriously. I just don't understand.

How. How, when you live in a place where on December 13 it hit the mid-80s, can you even think about celebrating Christmas? It's. Too. Hot!

Flip-flops and visors. T-shirts and shorts. The middle of December!

I've spent the day driving all around Tampa and St. Pete and Innisbrook, and there's Christmas trees for sale and Tis the Season decorations all around, and all signs point to Christmas.

But how can you even think about the bundling up for the sleigh ride, when it's in the 80s and you're blasting the AC, because you've walked 10 yards outside and practically melt when you get into the car? Or, sing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Fire? Who has an open fire? It was 69 when we got in from dinner?

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I just don't get it.
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jen said...

Distinct seasons are always nice. Guess Christmas in the Philippines would be the same as in Florida. Odd.

Kevinpars said...

You get used to it when you live in Florida a few years. One of the things i noticed when we lived in St Pete was that because of the warm weather, people worked extra hard to decorated and make their home and business look like Christmas. The St Pete waterfront is a great example - the park is filled with all kinds of Christmas displays in December. There was also a yearly boat parade of lights where many of the local boats would get in the spirit of the season and go all out for the holidays.

Is it New York or London at Christmas? No. But I have a lot of great memories of the holidays in St Pete.

Actually, the time of year that was hardest for me to be in Florida was the fall. You could look at the weather map and watch the cold front hit a wall in North Florida and the 'chilly' 50 degree temperatures would not make the trip down I75. We used to get excited about trips to Tallahassee for football weekends and feeling at least a hint of cool air. What is funny is that the leaves change into fall colors in Tallahassee right around Christmas time - which is very weird!

Kevinpars said...

I wish you could edit comments so I could change 'decorated' to 'decorate' and change the sentence about the boats getting into the spirit of the season.

Christmas is a magical time but not that magical - as it is the boat's owners rather than the boats themselves that get into the spirit of the holiday.

Erika said...

LOL, I was thinking I must get down to St Pete to see this miracle!

joy said...

Hahah - I dunno, I don't think I could ever get used to hearing Sleigh Ride in 80-degree weather!

Of course, they are saying it's unseasonably of the girls here was happy because it was soooooooo cold earlier this month. And she looked at me, and was like, Ok, 50s. But it was FREEEEEZING. Heh.