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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dawn's early light

Magnet #659 - Dessa Kirk's Eos

Back over the summer, I mentioned how our family stumbled into Columbus, Indiana, home to some of the best art and architecture around.

I picked this magnet in honor of how I spent my last day in Seattle checking out the art (SAM's Michelangelo exhibit and the Olympic Sculpture Park) and architecture (Gehry's EMP) of Seattle. This was, of course, in between the BlackBerry breaks at stoplights and on I-5. Actually, the only time I didn't have my BB in hand yesterday was when the folks at Boeing had me check my BB in their lockers. My fingers missed the buzzing!

Honestly, it was weird. I had this unanswered urge to Twitpic and Tweet, and check for new emails.

Anyway - Columbus. I can't remember if we actually saw this Dessa Kirk piece or not - she's the Greek Eos, the Dawn goddess who rises from the edge the Ocean, chasing Night away, and opening heaven's gates every day to let her brother, Helios, the sun, ride his chariot across the sky. I love this idea that she's dawn rising out of the water.

The other reason I'm picking her for today is because I think I've met her every damn day this week. Hate dawn. Worst time of day. And I've got people trying to schedule 8:30 meetings tomorrow.

Hey. It's Sunday.

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