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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Magnet #667 - Chicago Skyline

I bought this magnet over the summer in Chicago - I specifically sought this magnet out, because I had to have something that showed the Sears Tower with its real name on it.

I'm steadfastly refusing to call the Sears Tower anything but the Sears Tower, no matter who owns it now. You can't just erase years of being called one thing and suddenly change its name.

That's like me saying, you know what? Call me Fiona, I'm no longer Joy. Hmph. No. Unacceptable.

I picked this magnet for today, though, because with all the snow slamming the Eastern seaboard this weekend, I wanted to show a town that's used to the weather like this.

I have very hazy memories of snowdays in Chicago - being at school, with very high snowdrifts, and vast playgrounds completely iced over. So cool.

And growing up in North Carolina, we used to get snowdays and snow delays at the merest hint of snow. The best part is when they'd send us in, and we'd spend a couple of hours sitting around at school and then they'd have to call it - sending us home early. That was one of the best parts of living in a town unprepared for the white stuff.

This weekend, my sisters in DC were snowbound as the town was almost completely paralyzed, with the buses ending their routes early and not all city streets being cleared, and flights to and from grounded and rerouted. Amazing. And they're getting snowdays tomorrow! So. Lucky!

We in Manhattan got enough to pile the snow up on both sides of the street, making street corners almost impossible to cross, but no snowdays for us. Hmph.
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