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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Western motel

Magnet #657 - Hopper's Western Motel

I want to say that I bought this at the National Gallery in DC, during the Hopper exhibition a couple of years ago.

I do so love a good Hopper. He's known for putting people in everyday places and spaces, and still somehow making them stand out.

Western Motel, one of his most important pieces, is a perfect example. It's a lady sitting on a bed that's perfectly made, in a motel in an obviously desolate area of the US, with her bags packed, waiting by the window.

Where's she going? Who's meeting her? What's she thinking? Who's she looking at? Is that car hers? Is that her ride?

All that. From one painting. There's a story there, and an unanswered ending. Awesome.

I just picked her for today, because she's probably nice and warm sitting in the sunlight poking through her hotel window, with her supercute sleeveless dress. Me? I'm frozen, sitting here by my 7th story window, overlooking the monorail, here at the Hotel Andra. The thermostat's at 86, and I'm shivering uncontrollably. I know, I could complain, but I'd rather blog and then jump under the covers. Jeepers.

I will give Andra its due, though - it's a supercute hotel, with the nicest staff ever and the biggest rooms ever, all for the most unbelievably low rate ever.

Probably not lower than this chick's hotel, but still.
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