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Friday, December 11, 2009

Gasp! It *does* exist!!!

Magnet #658 - Seattle's Mount Rainier

So, yesterday, we wrapped the Seattle leg of our commercial productions. A long day of shooting four principals against green screen, with this supercool swiveling light hazardy thing swinging around each of them. Then we shot extras walking through several scenarios. Very, very cool.

The giant green wall was like being on the set of Doctor Who. Minus David Tennant, of course. Though, I won't lie. Cute boys aplenty up in this city, and a lot were at our shoot yesterday. I'm just sayin'.

We've been so busy running around that the only free time I've had is really to run to Target (I know! Yay!) at like 8 in the morning. I've been up every day at 5, to make calls for the East Coast (I will never live on the West Coast for that reason.)

So I was lucky when one of my colleagues grabbed a set of very kitschy Seattle magnets for me. LOVE them. But I had to use this one first...

You know that commercial where Red and Yellow M&M are tip-toeing through the house, and they run into Santa Claus, and Red gasps and goes, "He does exist!" and falls over, and then Santa looks down, gasps and goes, "They do exist!"

Heh - that's how I feel about Mount Rainier.

When I was here several years ago for that cross-country train trip my friend and I did, we kept trying to see Mount Rainier. My friend drove some of the time, leaving me to stare out the window willing clouds and haze to get out of the way. So, I saw it several times, and even have pictures of it. Blurry, hazy, taken through the slightly smudgy back window of our rental. But I did see it.

My friend never believed that I saw it, and so it's been a running joke for the better part of a decade now.

So. Even though I saw it a decade ago, I've now seen it a few times over this last week in Tampa.

It does! It does exist!!!
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1 comment:

Erika said...

I still think it's only clouds you saw, but whatever makes you happy : )