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Friday, December 18, 2009

What's the Korean word for Ten?

Magnet #665 - Korea

My friend brought this back for me from his Asia world tour - so cute! From what I've found, this couple is wearing the traditional dress of Korea - Han-guk pokshik (Korean attire).

And the other best thing about this magnet? It's a bottle-opener on the flip side. How funny.

I find it especially funny because I used to have this Korean client who we used to entertain a lot - in NY, in Jersey, in Vegas.

Yeah, that last one? Let's keep that in Vegas, man. Let's just blame the around-the-world vodka flight of shots. Good times.

Anyway, I just picked this magnet today, because there's a David Tennant video posted on BBC-America, where he talks about how big Doctor Who is in Korea. S'truth - the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 named DW the Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year.

Apparently, there's a lotta love comin' outta there for Ten. Heh.

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1 comment:

julie said...

i thought you were a maria clara, joy. i don't even want to HEAR about grossness in vegas.