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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Magnet #957 - Exuma

Not sure who gave me this magnet...I had to look up where Exuma was! It's one of the "other islands" of the Bahamas.

Apparently, it's where Thunderball and Splash were filmed, oh, and you can snorkel there, too.

I've never been snorkeling, and I gotta tell you, unless there's a cuteboy somehow involved, I will likely never go snorkeling, like ever.

I can swim ok (I actually found my Carolina swim test card last week to prove it.), but there's something scary about being on marinelife turf. Anything in great abundance scares me (birds, butterfly, fish), so you'll not catch me anywhere a school of fish could come up behind me.

Besides which, I've eaten too many fish and crabs and squid and shrimp in my lifetime, for them not to want a piece of me back.
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1 comment:

julie said...

hahahha you were scared of the fish around you in the surf in the PI! silly...

you would've HATED the gulf coat... we saw sting rays SOOOOO close to us!