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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rally to Restore Insanity and/or Fear

Magnet #981 - Always Speak Truth

I got this button magnet at Comic-Con - I was gonna use it to remember my Jerry Maguire memo from a few months ago. But, instead, I kinda liked the idea of using it for today, to help celebrate the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Insanity and/or Fear on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

Go watch, on Comedy Central or on any of the live feeds. I'm enjoying seeing how people on both sides of the fence are reacting to the rally on Facebook and Twitter. As usual, I'm caught in the middle seeing how both sides react, given my NY and my NC friends.

Earlier this week, I did the Project Vote Smart VoteEasy quiz that lets you answer questions to figure out what candidates are closer to your beliefs. Despite being a card-holding Republican, all my answers leaned left, and that's pretty much where my votes will go on Tuesday. I steadfastly refuse to give up my R-card here in New York City, because it's absolutely appalling how people treat me as stupid because that's how I'm registered. (Mind you, I've said it before, if Sarah Palin gets elected to any office anywhere, I'll definitely give up that card. There's a line.)

Anyway, because I watch neither Stewart or Colbert, it's not surprising that I didn't hear anything about it except for a friend of mine whose husband was heading down for it, and it turns out quite a few people I know are headed there as well.

It's a great day for a rally, and by the looks of the flood of people on the Mall, it's pretty damned successful.

As for me, I'm watching live on Comedy Central. I had not a shot of going in person, because putting that many people in one place always scares me - I don't care what your politics are.
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