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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Magnet #323 - Baby Penguins

Just because I love, love, love these baby penguins.

I keep this one in my cube at work, because it makes me happy every time I see it. Our production manager gave it to me, as a sample of a magnetic poster - it's like 2x4! It might be my largest magnet!

And, in case you're wondering, Dominion's an energy company and this is just a poster for their EnergyShare voluntary fuel assistance efforts.

I'm using it for today because they're calling for like 6 inches of snow here in NYC tomorrow afternoon, and because it's the anniversary of the Blizzard of 96, where the northeast was hit with something like 3 feet of snow.

Now. If this were North Carolina, the news reports would be focused on how nothing's left at Food Lion or Walmart or Harris Teeter, and the live remotes would consist of shopper interviews about how they're prepping for the big snow.

Love those stories - OMG! It's gonna snow! Make like it's the end of the world!!!! Buy milk!
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jen said...

I'm curious, did you even do your research on penguins?

They're suffering! I bet they didn't even get paid for that ad.

Have you heard of the term exploitation?


Unknown said...

Great post, and a great magnet for today. We are supposed to get 7-10 inches minimum here. Fun.

joy said...

Hahahaha, no, Jen, I didn't do any research on the penguins. But this is a magnetblog. While I do a lot more research than I like to admit, I do tend to shoot my mouth off with my customary half-a-fact. :-)

I'm not gonna lie, the only thing that I thought about was whether or not they actually bought the rights to the image and if the photographer got paid. Heh. Poor penguin babies.

And, thanks, Erin, hoping your snow wasn't too bad. I hunkered down indoors before the snow started to stick.

The Geek said...

What poor memories we human beings have... How quickly we forget. My usual January consists of snow, and blizzards, and clearing off my car, and puddles of melted slush around my boots at the front door...

But this year I'm in California, and I've been complaining about the fact that my Jeep's heater is broken, and I'm cold when I have to drive anywhere in this sunny 60 degree cold snap we're having.


Hope the snow is pretty and not too obnoxious!