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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!!

Magnet #314 - Alexander Hamilton at the N-YHS

Happy New Year!

Seems fittingly ironic to use Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury for today's magnet.

It's tradition in our family not to spend any money on New Year's Day - the superstition being that if you spend money on New Year's Day, you'll be spending it all year round. Of course, that's never made sense to anyone I've ever met, and truth be told, it's never actually worked out for us. Like, ever.

Nonetheless, it's what we've always done in our household. Some people eat black-eyed peas, some people have gold coins, some people have grapes. We don't spend money.

Except this year, I'm determined to make this 'stition work out for me. Let the year of simplification, moderation and restraint begin.

Happy 2009, ya'll. Make it a great one!
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julie said...

who eats black-eyed peas? why would you want to eat black-eyed peas for a whole year????? so weird.

here's to me working in nepal for all of 2009 then, since that's what i'm doing today (in 2009 of the future). i can't believe you guys were in 2008 while i already started 2009.

happy new year!

The Geek said...

Considering the fact that at midnight I was tending to a partier who had cut himself quite badly, and followed that up with ACE wrapping a sprained ankle on another partier (don't wear stilettos while trashed, ladies), as well as making sure several people were within reach of a toilet and had bottles of water at their sides... I'm thinking this is the year I'm officially going to be a doctor. :-)

Did you manage to not spend any money?

Happy New Year, Joy!

joy said...

Yeah, I actually think that we've extended that superstition to everything we do on NYD is what we'll do for the rest of the year. By that count, then I'll be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the rest of the year. Or just watching a lot of TV on DVD, anyway. Of course, I already do that.

And, yep. No money spent on New Year's Day. Yay!

Happy New Year to you both!