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Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't go changing

Magnet #315 - New Food Pyramid

A friend snagged this magnet for me, and I figured that this subject might timely given all those New Year's resolutions about diets and whatnot.

But, dudes. Seriously.

What is up with the new food pyramid? (Thanks, Washington Post for the graphic, since for whatever reason, the .gov site is superslow right now.)

You can't just take something I've known all my life turn it topsy-turvy. You'll make people crazy!

That is, of course, if you're paying attention to all the PSA materials and PR-driven articles about it. If you're not, then mayhap you haven't heard that they've done a new number on the food pyramid. It's kinda like when they added color to our money!

What? I'm hard-pressed to like change when it happens.
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jen said...

The Washington Post thanks you for helping to increase our presence online. Heh.

G said...

Don't get me started. The new "food pyramid" is so poorly designed, with so many faults, I-i-iiii... speechless. Actually I have a few words...

First? Not a pyramid.

Second? A triangular pie chart? Seriously?

Third? Why is meat blue and vegetables a green color not found in nature?

Fourth? Measure by ounces or by cups, not by both.

I need to stop. It irks me that we spent money on this "redesign" and that someone got paid to do this.

joy said...

Heh. It kinda irks me that it wasn't MY outfit that got paid to do it.

The vertical orientation of it makes me nuts, too. It just doesn't read very well.

And, you're welcome, jen. Anything I can do.

The Geek said...

I DO like that they are telling us a total amount for each group (this-many ounces, or this-many cups) and then just recommending we vary what we eat, rather than telling me to eat "5 servings" of something. Not everyone knows what "a serving" of broccoli is.

I agree, though, not the best design.

julie said...

i leave america and THIS is what happens??? i don't understand the food pyramid anymore! and how many oz. are in a cup? ugh, maybe the US is just trying to get us all so confused that we just don't eat and therefore america loses weight by default. ALSO... i heard the australians were beating us at the fattest people game. wonder what THEY'RE food guide looks like. OR the UK's...

julie said...

and by THEY'RE... i mean THEIR. jeez, my english has gotten worse!

Unknown said...

Funny. Do you remember years ago we pitched this work (and obviously didn't win?)

joy said...

Yep. Totally remember. It's always the ones we don't get that I remember. And then point and laugh at the efforts that win.