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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Orchid Station is bigger on the inside...*

Magnet #335 - Circles of LOST

So, yeah, I'm totally not spoiling anyone for last night's LOST, I promise.

We know about time travel. We know about the Orchid Station. Both from last year. This year, I'm just betting that David Tennant or the Doctor or the TARDIS shows up on the island.

The pros have the reviews and more comprehensive thoughts covered - ya'll know my favorites, Televisionary and What's Alan Watching.

I really just wanted to use this fun magnet, part of a set that my sister's fiance gave me. Dudes, if you change the colors, and perhaps drink a little, you totally have the Oceanic Airlines logo.

A quote about Oceanic from the possibly overinformative Lostpedia:
Oceanic Airlines is the fictional airline that operated Flight 815 which crashed on the Island. The Oceanic Airlines logo has 18 dots spread around concentric circles, creating a total of 4 circles. Also, when the letters of the name are counted they add up to 15 and when the logo is used as an "O" in the Oceanic Airlines heading, it has 16 dots spread around it. The logo incorporates a motif that is reminiscent of Australian Aboriginal glyphs.

NO. I've made my stand, people. I decided last season that I will not buy into the LOST mythology. In the beginning, I visited every faux marketing site, played all their fun online games, devoured all the ads, and totally called the Hanso Foundation and listened for the freaky voicemail like the rest of America.

But, I had to stop - I was overthinking the damn show too much, searching for answers and finding more questions.

So, no more. Oh, I'll totally watch the show, and I'll second-guess everything and everyone, and I'll freak out at the scary music cues, and of course, Lindelof and Cuse will have me running around in circles like this magnet. Dudes, I'll even buy the DVD sets, as well as have weekend-long marathons to refresh my memory of what happened the season before.

But, mark my words, I'm not going to get sucked back in to the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey LOST mythology. Nope. No more fake sites and clues. No more wondering who did what and when are they. No more spinning theories. No more spoilers.

I'm just gonna watch the show and enjoy it.

Although...I'm not gonna lie: Hell, yeah. I'd probably go back to the island.

Particularly if Sawyer loses his shirt again.

*/tm jenny

Annnd, I'm sorry. I totally just deleted a whole very, very long eta here about The Prisoner that got away from me. Since it was almost as long as a real magnetpost, figured it might be easier to continue on with my marathoning theme and use it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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julie said...

hahaha... i'd go back to the island for jack... or jin (DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM... PLEASE) but definitely NOT sawyer. ew. kate can have him... they can both be perennially grimy together. ha.

and those are cute magnets gordon got you!

joy said...

I said I wasn't going to spoil anyone...other than saying that the butler did it.

It's amazing how much doing a refresher marathon and watching the recap shows helps you remember.

They ARE cute. I love them. Especially the one with my name on it.

joy said...

Oh! And jenny's a jack girl, too. What's that about.

The Geek said...

Ohhh... Love being here in London, but man, is this trip cramping my style when it comes to obsessively watching LOST on Wednesday nights. ;-)


Priorities, right? will still be there when I get back.

And between Jack and Sawyer? I'm a Jack girl, too.

jen said...

Huzzah for Jack. I'd pick him over Sawyer any day. Also? You had a Lost Weekend. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm punny. Also? Yay for the magnet shoutout for Gogo. Also? Yay for tm-ming me. I think I need to re-watch to comprehend it all.

Erika said...

Did no one think Sawyer was looking kinda flabby in the middle there?

I don't care that he's a cold blooded killer - Sayid's my man.

joy said...

Frankly, between Sawyer, Jack, Jin, Desmond, and Sayid, I'd have a tough time choosing. Oooh, I wonder what Jacob looks like. Hah.