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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tigers, Huskies and Rebels, oh my!

Magnet #316 - LSU Tigers

I wasn't planning on doing birthday shout-outs to everybody I know, I promise, but since I have the perfect magnet (given by her), I'm sending out birthday wishes to my friend, a big LSUfan.

I would have used this magnet for a major LSU victory of some sort, but since my sister's fiance is an Ole Miss alum, I've a feeling it might be a conflict of interest. Especially since Ole Miss did a little raiding of their own yesterday, beating down Texas Tech Red Raiders in the AT&T Cotton Bowl yesterday. (I don't have an Ole Miss magnet, I don't think.)

Of course, their bowl was at least a game with a final score of 47-34. It seems that I could have used this LSU magnet for the Chick-fil-A Bowl (mmmmmmmmm, Chick-fil-A) a couple of days ago, where apparently the LSU Tigers kicked the bee-jeepers (geddit?) out of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets a couple of nights ago, 38-3.

But there is today's LSU/UConn women's basketball game at noon today on CBS. Apparently, the Lady Tigers and the (I thought Lady, but apparently not) Huskies are two of the most storied women's teams in America, both teams having reached five consecutive Final Fours. Dang, that's pretty good, huh. Looks like UConn's ranked number 1, so I will say it (even though Gordon may get huffy): Geaux Tigers!

Whew. This became a totally sporty post, and I didn't mean it to be. Especially when my own allegiances run Carolina Blue! (Even though we lost our own bowl game by a rather depressing one point...31-30. That's ok, we're still doing pretty good in basketball. Of course.)

Joyeux anniversaire, LSUfan!
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julie said...

bold move, joy. hope you're not thinking you'll get an Ole Miss magnet after this post. gordon will be SOOO mad!!! you even said Geaux tigers???!! honestly i think he may do his Yellow Britches cheer a thousand times in your face or something. uh-oh... you made your choice, you and gordon could be sworn enemies now! hahahahahha

joy said...

Nah, he'll be ok. He knows I'm Carolina through and through, so it doesn't matter which way I go when it comes to any other school. Heh.

Gordon said...

i have several things that i could say about lsu, but they aren't that polite

joy said...

Thanks for holding it in, Gordon.