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Monday, October 19, 2009

I want! I want!

Magnet #605 - William Blake's I want! I want!

It feels like everyone knows William Blake for his romantic poetry. At least, that's how I know him. And then, it's really only a cursory knowledge.

So yesterday, when I saw this magnet in the little shop, I was honestly surprised to find out that it was a Blake engraving done in 1793. And then this morning, I learned a little more about Blake being a professional engraver.

Annnnd that's about where my knowledge ends. I tried to skim The Engravings of William Blake by Archibald G. B. Russell, uploaded on Google Books. Tried anyway.

As much as I want to do a tutorial on my newfound Blake knowledge, and what he was hoping to convey with this engraving, I think I shall opt out for a more literal translation. Lord knows, I could have totally made this a rather maudlin magnetpost about climbing up the ladder to the crescent moon to get what I want.

But I won't. Besides, the whole reason I ended up buying it is because that's pretty much all I did yesterday walking around New Haven and its various museum shops.

Pointing at magnet displays and saying, "I want! I want!"

That magnet. And the seven others I picked up yesterday.

Stop. I see you judging me!

Actually, yesterday was a terrifically fun (if soggy day) wandering around Yale and their Center for British Art, and their Art Gallery. Both buildings were designed by one of the leading architects of last century - Louis I. Kahn - who taught at Yale in the 40s/50s.

Both buildings were pretty cool. According to the site, the Center for British Art was his last building, and one of the first U.S. museums to take into consideration retail space.

Huh. I knew there was another reason I loved the building. I mean, aside from the great museum design and exhibition displays and great lighting design and the collection and the...yeah.
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