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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not just desserts

Magnet #599 - The Big E

It's National Dessert Month, ya'll. And even though I can find no corporate sponsor online who is underwriting a Dessert Festival nearby, I'll have my own dessert festival.

Behold. Desserts.

C'mon. Dessert. Who doesn't love dessert? (Except my CEO who apparently hasn't had dessert in three whole years, and whom I've made my personal pet project to get him to violate that claim.)

Ice cream. Chocolate. Cakes. Chocolate. Cookies. Chocolate. Pies. Chocolate. Creams. Chocolate.

Did I mention chocolate?

I've been known to go out of my way for anything sweet, and one of the best places to get a big ole cream puff is up at the Big E in New England.

It's basically like a state fair, but with a concentration on the goods, services and products of the northeastern states, including this supercool magnet that could probably hurt someone if hurled.

But the Big E is something that everyone should visit. Particularly if you're in driving distance. So. Cool.

And I don't mean just for the big midway with all the rides and the oddly interesting and fun individual state exhibits, and the animals, and the tables and tables of crafts I'll never be able to make.

But the food.

All that fried and smothered whatever crap that no one ever lets you eat in open society without judging you. The corn dogs. The Tums. The sausages with onions and peppers. The Tums. The candy apples. The Tums. The cream puffs. The Tums. The blooming onions. The Tums. The fried seafood. The Tums. The ice cream. The Tums. The giant turkey legs.

Wait. Did I mention the Tums? Seriously, Tums should underwrite all state fairs. They need to get on that.

Gravy. If you guys knew the amount of crappy food we consumed that day at the Big E, you'd totally be grossed out. I mean, we drove for a couple of hours to get there. We had to make it worth our while. Hello.

You know what, though? I don't care.

Everyone knows that fair food has no calories!
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Erika said...

You missed this:

That would've been an awesome trip!