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Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm looking over, a four-leaf clover

Magnet #612 - Fabergé Egg #4, Imperial Clover Egg

Yes, I'm writing this magnetblog as I'm watching U2's live streaming U 2ube concert. Good concert, actually.

I'm not even a giant U2 fan - I just like the idea of a live streaming concert around the world that everyone's watching online right now, that everyone's Tweeting about.

Plus, I like that they snaked the YouTube logo and made it U 2ube...and I like that Bono told The Edge that the concert would be on YouTube..."on Google." I dunno why that tickles me. And that Bono thanked their latest corporate sponsor Google. Heh. Check.

I can't wait to see the traffic numbers for the concert - worldwide. It's bound to be astronomical, though I wonder if it'll be a real source of revenue for them. @TVMoJoe Tweeted an article from The Wrap about how they're slow to show a profit on this tour, and it's fairly interesting to see how ticket sales are going. Particularly when half my FB newfeeds consist of my friends going to different US concerts.

But, back to my clovers. I totally admit using this particularly one is way cheesy - stereotypical, even. But even though I've been to Ireland - I don't have a second magnet from there!

So at my new love, the Clearance Store at the Met, I picked up the best find ever in that store - Susanna Pfeffer's Fabergé Eggs: Masterpieces from Czarist Russia. Half price!

Dudes, I freakin love this book. It goes through the whole series of eggs, with beautiful full-bleed beauty shots of each egg and their surprises! Really gorgeously done. You'd be surprised how much cooler this egg looks on a green background. Heh.

This Imperial Clover Egg was thought to have been given by Nicholas II to Alexandra in 1902, and is a beribboned bunch of three-petaled clovers made from a treasure trove of gold, diamonds, and rubies. Crazy beautiful. The surprise inside has been lost to history, but I'm gonna go with a four-leaf clover ring or brooch. Made of emeralds and diamonds and gold.

Yes. I just made that up. And I'm sticking with that.
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