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Friday, October 30, 2009

Things that go bat in the night

Magnet # 616 - Indian Echo Caverns

The AGE10* bought me this Indian Echo Caverns magnet during their last Pennsylvania trip.

It's a cool magnet, even though the three of them know that caverns make me crazy with the scary "an earthquake could happen and kill me right here on this tour" thought.

Yeah, I don't know when it happened, but I've become a bit of a fraidy cat.

I think, mostly, it's because I'm hard of hearing, and people come up behind me in my cube, sometimes scaring the bejeepers out of me. Then again, one weekend, STWfiance arrived with a knock on my door. You know, the knock that usually indicates someone's at the door. Logically I knew that, and still when I opened the door and saw him darkening my doorway, I totally jumped out of my skin.

And don't even get me started on movies. The US version of The Ring? Do you know how many unmarked VHS tapes I have at home??? Yeah. That.

But, truly, the last time I was Cover my eyes, cover my eyes! scared was when we went to the Central Park Zoo, and into the rainforest pavilion. Dudes. Not only were the birds all free-range-y and flying around, but they had a whooole BATcave. A cave. Full of bats. Ummm, yeah, I hightailed my butt out of there.

The bats were probably ok. Really, it's the birds I totally can't stand.

Particularly pigeons, if you must know.

But that's just cuz a dead pigeon tried to kill me once.

Uh, yeah, that's totally a different magnet.

*AGE10. My new name for my two sisters, and the one sister's fiance. Made up of our last name, and his last name, combined with the fact that they live in the 20010 zip.
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Vicki said...

Someone's at the door...
Still the scariest tagline for a tv series ever! Also proving that people knocking on your door can be scary as hell.

joy said...

Dammit, that was a GREAT post title! I shoulda thought of that. It would have been perfect, the baby sister still gets creeped out when we whisper, "SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR!"

Then again, she gets scared when she hears the strains of Ben E. King's Stand by Me. I still don't think she's ever seen the movie all the way through. Hahah.

julie said...


1. that's the scariest line EVER.
2. i HAVE seen stand by me... and it's not so scary anymore since i HAVE had leeches on me.
3. BOO! i bet you just got scared. so there!

hahahah, how you can get scared of someone when you heard the knock AND answered the door, we'll never know....