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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Isn't that nifty, look who's 50!

Magnet #608 - 50th Anniversary of the Guggenheim

Huh. I'm wondering if Guggenheim New York is the title holder of the Most House Museum Magnets Owned By Joy.

Sooo, yesterday the Gugg was free, in honor of its 50th anniversary! I didn't get to go, but a friend of mine did, and he picked up this (of course) niftily-designed magnet. LOVE. From what I understand, the lines and the crowds were insane. I'm not surprised, the admission's pretty steep, so every time they open for free, the lines are literally around the block.

I'm sad not to have gone up especially to see the new Kapoor. And the Kandinsky exhibit, which is supposedly one of the few multi-piece exhibitions happening nowadays.

I read this article in Crain's New York Business that talked about how grand museum exhibitions are slowly falling to the wayside. It kinda makes me sad. It's great fun being able to see several works from one artist or oeuvre, all in one place. It's condensed knowledge and culture and genius in the confines of a few rooms.

I suppose I get it. The costs are prohibitive, indeed, several thousands just to insure one painting from one museum, let alone multiple pieces from multiple museums. And frankly folks aren't as willing to pony up the $20 for admission, and the extra $7 for the audio tour, all to have to wade through cramped spaces of humanity to squint from afar and between heads.

Ok, ok. I do get it. But I will miss it.

In the meantime, I can totally make do with seeing Vermeer's Milkmaid (twice!), and others of his oeuvre. Totally planning to do the MoMA's Monet exhibition - which is just their own Water Lilies in a while new room. And then, totally back to the Gugg, for the Kandinsky. I swear!
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Vicki said...

I'm envious. I would love to see the Vermeer, but it will be gone before I get back up. The Kandinsky is also on the list, but if I miss it in NY, I think it's coming to the High this Spring.

Vicki said...

OK, I have to see it in NY, not the same show that will be at the High. I thought it was too good to be true. The High never gets anything I like.