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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Allons-y, Geronimo

Magnet #680 - The Doctor's TARDIS

For Christmas, I ended up with a supercool gift certificate to @KristinaMyers' Etsy store - which totally means I'll be adding more to my collection of Doctor Who magnets. Yay!

What? Just because David Tennant's gone doesn't mean Ten has to go, too. I'm just sayin'.

I'm just trying to figure out how which images I'll choose for the next batch of magnets. So far, my choices are:

1) Favorite Ten episodes
2) Favorite Ten phrases
3) Favorite Ten scenes
4) All the Ten companions
5) The two recent DW logos

Oh, the endless possibilities. Hahaha. I can't wait. It's gonna be fun.

And, no, I'm totally avoiding a whole Doctor Who/Ten/David Tennant good-bye post.

Maybe if I don't write it, it didn't happen.

Maybe if I delete it from my DVR, it'll be like I've changed history.

Maybe if I don't say good-bye, it'll be like he never left.

Maybe if I ignore it, David'll be the one who shows up in the Spring, instead of Baby Emo Doctor, Matt Smith.


Sigh. Ok, ok. In the meantime, I guess...Geronimo?

And, I guess it's fitting that with the arrival of the new Doctor, there's a stork delivery of my friends' baby girl, heretofore nicknamed NJ, despite that fact that she was born in NC, and not New Jersey, as her nickname would suggest. Welcome, little NJ!

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Kevinpars said...

Maybe you can watch the new Dr and Rovan GirlBabyName as they both grow into young adults....

Erika said...

I hate Geronimo. How unoriginal can you get? Also? Eleven's got no eyebrows.

G said...

Familiarity breeds contempt. If DT had stuck around, he eventually would have bored you. With an early exit, he remains a shining star in the DW firmament.


The Geek said...

As Psyrixx and I watched the finale, and Ten started to glow, I leaned forward and paused it. Psyrixx waited a second, then asked what I needed to do that was so important that I'd pause RIGHT during the climax of the show.

"If I don't unpause, I can keep him."

joy said...

Nice one, Kev. It's true, BabyEmoDoctor and BabyRovan are just about the same age. Heh.

I totally understand why David left, and I'm sure it helped the BBC budgets a lot with him and RTD gone, so there's that. He will be missed though.

And, GG, it was so funny, because we were watching it online, until the last 10 minutes wouldn't buffer, and we quickly had to find another source to watch. Killed. Me. Heh.