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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lemme tell you, Good Queen Bess...

Magnet #693 - Elizabeth I (r.1558-1603)

According to This Day in History, the coronation of the last Tudor monarch Elizabeth I took place in Westminster Abbey, a ceremony conducted in Latin by a Catholic bishop, but with a service conducted in both Latin and English.

Ummm, yeah, there is no way I can do right by her. None. Not without writing a book. And it's too late to call in her namesake Gloriana, to pinch hit a guest blogpost.

So, let's stay within my wheelhouse, shall we?

First, Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth, in both movies. C'mon. Great movies. Except for some of poor Elizabeth's wardrobe. And look. I have a chance to say, and go see Clive in the sequel cuz he's smokin' hot as Sir Walter Raleigh.

Second, Shakespeare. Hah, you think I was going for Shakespeare in Love. Uh, no. Despite all its accolades, I never could really get into that film.

What I do want to do is read Helen Hackett's book, Shakespeare & Elizabeth: The Meeting of Two Myths, because points to various historical documents, plays and paintings, etc. to trace the meetings that these two may or may not have had. It's so cool how folks love to speculate about their relationship, if indeed, they ever even met.

Third, I kinda dig what an enigma Elizabeth was. It seems as if she didn't let anyone close, didn't let anyone in charge of her or her life or her country, held herself apart from everyone, ultimately for the good of her nation. That aloof behavior and the company she kept, led to all sorts speculation regarding her romantic liaisons, and ultimately led to her nicknames, Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess.

Which leads me to Doctor Who.

Oh, c'mon. If you know my tastes at all, you knew this was coming. I still think that was one of the best, little payoffs that Russell T. Davies gave us at the end of his DW reign.

In one of my favorite David Tenant/Doctor Who episodes, "The Shakespearean Code," the Doctor joyfully runs into Elizabeth (about the 2:50 mark). She reviles him and calls him her sworn enemy, and he runs off, totally clueless, but couldn't wait to find out why Elizabeth hates him.

Two seasons later, the gag's paid off in the beginning of "The End of Time," when the Doctor explains what he's been doing to stave off the final four knocks. Here, at about the :36 mark, but heck, just watch the whole first couple of minutes, because you can't beat David Tennant in a cowboy hat, sunglasses and a lei.



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The Geek said...

I do love your wheelhouse. No need to stray while there's still comments to be made from within the house itself!

And yes, awesome joke. I'm still waiting for the explanation of where/when he meets the woman who knew his name in Silence In The Library.

joy said...

Heh. Yeah, my wheelhouse is way more fun than any sort of reality out there.

Have you seen the spoiler pix for next season? I think we may get our answers sooner, rather than later. Of course, Silence was a Moffatt story, so that makes sense.