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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I keed, I keed!

Magnet #692 - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

I got this from an NBC Universal stock photo rep I met with years ago, and I promised myself I'd never, ever use this Triumph the Insult Comic Dog magnet, mainly cuz, ewwww.

But, after reading Your Nose Is Quite Big's blogpost, plus having read what my fave critics have to say (Jace Lacob, Alan Sepinwall, Maureen Ryan, and Ellen Gray) what better way to be like NBC and break my promises use this magnet to add myself on Team Conan?

Frankly, I'm not even a big late-night viewer, watching only sporadically, and then only for the guests. I really could care less who is in the interviewer chair, if George Clooney's on the couch.

So, I guess ya'll should really just add me to "Team can't believe how far NBC was driven into the ground by Ben Silverman (& TPTB that let him) and now just hopes that they can turn around this debacle with the swiftest of haste, so we can all get back to our regularly scheduled used-to-be-a-great-timeslot NBC dramas at 10." Seriously.

Conan wrote a fantastic letter to the People of Earth, he really did. Classy all the way. And I watched his last two shows - announcement day, where (God bless) Tom Brokaw for helping him through and supporting him, and yesterday, when Ricky totally kicked ass with the funny, and cracked Conan up.

I do wonder if NBC's just not even watching the Tonight Show anymore, given how much leeway they've given Conan with his (well-deserved) NBC-bashing. At some point, Conan's not-veiled-at-all bitterness won't be adequately covered any amount of "I kid, I kid."

Right now, it's funny as hell, because everyone knows what a mucketyclusterduck this whole NBC programming mess has become.

But, at what point does NBC's PR team say, hold up, enough is enough, let's get this settled, so we can stop being the laughingstock of our industry and devaluing our own hallowed NBC brand?

Eh. I know. Everyone's commenting on Conan. Look at it this way. I could have told you the story of my friends' dog, Benji. And how I learned the true meaning of this magnet.

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julie said...

totally on team conan. though leno is funny, too... his 10pm show is NOT. i wish they'd put jimmy fallon at 10pm 'cause then i could watch him more... he's my favorite.

jen said...

I used to like Jay. Now I'm kinda annoyed at him. But maybe this is NBC's plan: create controversy to get more viewers for the Tonight Show (whoever is hosting)