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Friday, January 22, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Magnet #700a, b and c - Joy tiles, take two

Totally have another set of these from earlier, but these count as separate, because I bought a set, and then got a set from my BFF a while ago. Totally. Counts.

Yay, happy 700th magnet!!!

I know, I copped out again, using another joy magnet as I always do, but did you expect any different?

Yep. That's what I thought.

Having now blogged on 700 magnets, I've felt compelled to face the possible end in site for joy magnetism. I mean, in my first post, I mentioned that this blog could certainly sustain itself for at least two years. But I didn't count on being given and/or making magnets for myself. Surely, I must be on the back nine of my collection, though.

So the questions remain.

How many magnets do I have in the collection? How long will the magnets last? Should I go out at 1,000? Should I just keep going til the last magnet is standing?

Eh, I look forward to figuring it out. Of course, I did just find out late last night that photobucket lets me download my magnet images in hi-rez! That means my magnetbook will totally have hi-rez images!

What magnetbook, you ask? Eh, the one that's gonna get written. In. My. Head. Hahahaha.

Happy 700th magnet - and thanks for playing along!

I was going to use my shiny new George Clooney magnet for today's post, but USPS didn't get here in time.

But, that's ok. We'll wait to see what the returns are from my boyfriend's Hope For Haiti Now telethon. I'm sure it'll be gangbusters. It's George and friends, after all!
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Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

I'm totally singing that classic rock "Where do we go from here?" song now. :) I know (I suppose) that blogs can't last forever--and if yours did, I'd be afraid your magnets would actually devour you--but I know I'll hate to see this end.

joy said...

Heh. The song in my head when I wrote this post from the Buffy soundtrack. I think.

Yep. I've gotten very much used to writing a blogpost each day, so I dunno what I'd do. Maybe I'd tweet more, or maybe play Farmville? Heehehe.