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Friday, April 18, 2008

Joy's cup runneth over

Magnets #56a, #56b, and #56c - Joy tiles

There's so much going on in town this weekend that I couldn't decide which magnet to select, so I went with three for the price of one.

1) OMG, the Pope's in town! Major gridlock! A happy haze of Hope settles over the town. Plenty of Masses being celebrated! (Not by me. Yes, I'm a Catholic. But have you seen the amounts of people at Mass?) Already used my Vatican magnet. Dang.

2) OMG, ComicCon's in town! People in costume! An animated haze of crazy settles over the town. Plenty of panels and screenings being held! (Attended by me. No, I don't read comics. But maybe it's time to start?) Could have used my Warner Brothers magnet.

3) OMG, it's David Tennant's birthday! Massive amounts of birthday wishes from a grateful nation! No haze of anything settles over the town. Plenty of avatars and banners being created! (Partially by me. No, I don't create banners. But there's something fun about those 100x100 avs.) No. I have no David Tennant magnets. Soon to be rectified.

See? Too much.

Actually, here's more:

4) My sister's coming to town! Not that I didn't just see her, or that I'm not gonna be seeing her again in the few weeks.

5) Doctor Who's being shown tonight at ComicCon! Not that I didn't just see it online a few weeks ago, or that it's not gonna be on my DVR when I get home.

There's probably more, but I'm getting bored. So I can't imagine how you're feeling.

Have a great day everyone!
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