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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ghandi shouldn't be on a cell!

Magnet #65 - New York Joy

So, after September 11th, Robert DeNiro (and a few others) conceived the Tribeca Film Festival to help revitalize lower Manhattan. Seven years later, the festival's still going strong, and lower Manhattan's all the better for it. I've volunteered for five of those seven years, and have had fun every year.

One of the best things about New York, is our ability to just be walking down the street and pass famous people, and just keep walking. I've never been one for accosting said famous people - I like to recognize them, but ignore them as they walk past. This has everything to do with my summer semester in London, when my friends and I passed Brendan Fraser just after the theatre. To my everlasting mortification, one of them actually said to him "Gee, you're swell." His response was a nonplussed, "I am?"

And so, this is one of the best things about TFF - the ability to work the red carpet events, collect people's ballots, and just ignore the fact that someone famous (anyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Tiffani [Amber] Thiessen) walked right by you. It's then you find out how nice (or not nice) they are.

Every year, there's a long list of stars to add to my celeb sightings list...but I gotta tell you. Last night's was just the most freaky. After five years of working these events, I finally saw DeNiro actually in attendance. I love how the razzi all yelled out Bob-beee! Like they're best buds. Who knows, maybe they are.

But, what's going down as the all-time weirdest sighting:

Ben Kingsley! On a cell!

Ghandi shouldn't be on a cell!
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