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Monday, April 14, 2008

Poppin' Fresh...Minnesota

Magnet #52 - Joy in Minnesota

So, that cross-country train trip. One of our stops was 2-day-ish stopover in Minnesota.

We were able to visit to do our own little walking tour of downtown and riverfront Minneapolis. Funnily enough, I remember spending the afternoon there, but the only thing I remember is the Third Avenue Bridge, some public plaza with pretty water fountains and the Pillsbury flour factory (yes as in the Pillsbury Dough Boy, whose name is officially Poppin' Fresh, and whose laugh is trademarked!). Oh! And taking local bus transit. That's always fun. No, really - I mean it - I love figuring out how other cities run their public transit.

We also visited the Mall of America, rode some rides, didn't really do much shopping, took one of those Wild West Costume photos, took in a movie (The 13th Warrior. I know, remember? Antonio Banderas? Jeepers, where's he been lately.).

We packed so much into those two days, it's insane.

But, look! They had a Minnesota joy magnet! I'm always so pleased when they have a magnet with my name on it. Lately, it seems that the cheesy tourist stores have stopped ordering the name magnets. Or! Horrors of horrors, they stopped ordering joy. They'll have Brianna or Alexa or Connor or Tobias, but they don't order joy? Hmph.

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