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Monday, April 7, 2008

Diner me this

Magnet #45 - Big Daddy's Diner
Fun little restaurant across the street from work. Kitschy and cheesy, and relatively good food.

Diners are the best restaurants in the world. It's the only place everyone can find something to eat, at whatever time you go, whether it's for brunch, or after a night on the town.

Adam and Eve on a Raft, tater tots, and a knock-off of the Big Mac that puts the original to shame.

Plus, you can't beat the decor - you can pretty much trace your entire life along the walls!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have gone here for Sunday dinner??

Go Heels!

You should read 'Cannery Row' - it is a quick read and pretty funny in parts. The sequel "Sweet Thursday" is pretty good also.

joy said...

Hahaha, yeah, but then you wouldn't have seen the Trailer Park of NYC!