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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh, don't mind her, she's from Barcelona!

Magnet #51 - Barcelona, Spain

Ok, I gotta confess that I picked this one for today's magnet, is because for some reason (and no, I don't really want to know the lore), the Doctor keeps mentioning Barcelona on Doctor Who.

Anyway, while I've been to Europe a few times, I've not had a chance to make it to Spain. This one was brought to me by a friend of mine that went a few years ago.

How cute is this magnet???

Not sure if the two are popular animated characters over there, but they're like Spanish Doozers! Remember the little green guys from Fraggle Rock? The ones that were so busy, building their little buildings in the center of Fraggle Rock? Only these two aren't so Doozer-like, since clearly, they know the meaning of siesta. Heheheh.

This is one of two "tea party saucer" magnets that I have - the other's from the France Alps. Maybe it's a thing over there, cuz for sure, I've not seen any of these Stateside. And, if they are actual tea party saucers, then hello! cottage industry! How marvelous!

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joy said...

Updating this post with a clarification:

This guy:
actually explains the Barcelona reference. (Never could get into Fawlty Towers.) He says:

I will briefly mention the nice FAWLTY TOWERS reference that leads nicely into a nod to a classic TOM BAKER story. DAVEY T is chatting about some bird (that's right ladies, actual sexism) called SYBIL and then, recalling MRS FAWLTY's mantra about MANUEL, says of CATHY T; "She's from Barcelona".