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Sunday, April 20, 2008

As I would have liked it

Magnet #58 - Shakespeare's As You Like It

So, apparently David Tennant has the power to sell out Hamlet in Stratford-Upon-Avon for his entire run - from July through November. Impressive.

There I go again, thinking people wouldn't be interested in whatever interests me. I dunno why I thought it'd be easy to get tickets - I guess that makes me the fool in this play.

I picked up this packet of Shakespearean insults in Stratford a couple of years ago. Apparently, no insults in Hamlet were good enough to include in this set.

Oh, well, I do have this manga Hamlet excerpt to look at. (Yeah, you read right, Shakespeare's been manga'd.)

He's either rolling in his grave...or he's waiting for the anime feature film.
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G said...

I think that Shakespeare would have enjoyed being manga'd. He was all about the common man and the art of the masses. The insults and double-entendres were a bonus to a good story.

I also think he would have wanted his cut of the anime film profits. Smart man.

joy said...

Yeah, I think you're right.

Although, Shakespeare's taken on a new light for me, especially after having seen the Shakespearean Code eppy of Doctor Who...where Shakespeare took one look at the gorgeous Martha Jones and said, in his most leering voice, Heyyyy, nonny, nonny.

I'll never be able to read that line again without giggling. Or saying, ew.