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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take one down, and pass it around

Magnet #53 - Guinness

Because on a day like today, all of us could probably use a pint. (Could be worse, I suppose - at least my taxes are done.)

So, I went to Dublin on a weekend jaunt from London years and years ago. But, I totally didn't get to go to Guinness, for the factory tour. This one was brought back to me from a friend's trip to Ireland. I know! How the heck did I miss that? (I actually think I was underage, and just too much of a square to see if I could get away with it. Sigh.)

Anyway - after a way-more-expensive than it should have been cab ride (seriously, talking about being taken for a ride), we stayed at the St. (someone)'s Bed & Breakfast - which was totally lovely. I'm Catholic and Filipino, so having Jesus in front of me at every turn in every room didn't freak me out. Nope, not one bit. No, I tell you.

Anyway, Dublin. We went for a small castle tour (duh) - one that took us trundling down the roads on their public transportation way out into the countryside. Malahide Castle, I think it was - I just remember it basically like every other castle - spacious lawns, large looming rooms, giant halls, crests everywhere - and if I'm remembering correctly, after some begging, my compadres did let me go visit the Fry Model Railway (story for another day).

And, on a random walk on my own I walked by another castle...ruin, actually. Just behind some sort of modern-day strip mall. Yeah, that was weird. And I dropped by the Hard Ass Cafe, with a donkey as its mascot. As you can see, it's random side trips like these that have sort of forced me to be more planful when I travel.

I did get to see a little bit more than that - the Book of Kells, Christ Church Cathedral, random gift shops.

But, it looks like I'll need to get back there, since apparently, I missed way too many things to count.

You know that conversation, the Oh, you went to ____ and you didn't see ____?

Painful, is what that is.
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