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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy 45th anniversary, General Hospital!

Magnet #40 - Luke & Laura's 25th Anniversary

Ok. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I watch soap operas. Just not gonna make any excuses for that.

And, while I'm in this confessional, you should also know that a couple of years ago, I managed to con two of my friends to head down to SuperSoapWeekend in Orlando. If you haven't heard of SSW, it's where ABC Daytime sends several of their soap stars down to Disney, and basically throws them to the fans - cast interviews, parades, weird game shows, etc.

It was a fun experience, but one that I'd not repeat again. Without getting on my soapbox (/pun intended), I can't believe the access that daytime fans have to the talent. It's no wonder the lines blur so easily.

Anyway - we waited in line for about an hour for this jobbie. That year's SSW was the 25th anniversary of Luke & Laura, the superest supercouple to ever come out of Daytime. So, they took our little group photo (sans the Groucho Marx masks, obvi), and photoshopped us right into L&L's wedding picture.

I chose this as today's magnet, because yesterday, General Hospital celebrated it's 45th anniversary on air.

Whoa. That's almost half a century of love in the afternoon.
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