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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I want candy

Magnet #54 - Dylan's Candy Bar

So, here's where I wanted to have my 30th birthday party. Til I found out it was going to be oh, about $2,500...and that for some reason, my friends wouldn't pony up for it. Oh, and there's the little matter of needing a bunch of kids. And probably someone to pretend that it was their third birthday, rather than my 30th.

So, I content myself by visiting Dylan's Candy Bar on the Upper East Side every once in a while, because it truly might be just the best place on earth. You can pretty much get almost any type of candy that you want, the soundtrack is all candy-related, and there's an explosion of color that almost hurts your eyes. It's beeyooootiful. And did I mention candy? Because there's candy there.

Actually, the one thing I love more than the candy is the amazing amount of branding work that's gone into the business itself. From day one, Dylan Lauren (yep, Ralph's kid) made sure she had the bestest and cutest little logo that ever logo'd, supported by what must be pretty strict set of brand guidelines. That's clearly evident everywhere you look - store design is carefully color coordinated, all the brand extensions are pristine, the apparel is well designed - even their presskits and gift certificates were just as cute as could be.

Dudes. She even had a magnet for me!
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