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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Portraits in time

Magnet #694 - David Tennant portrait

Someone Tweeted Ellis Parrinder's site today, linking to this David Tennant portraiture series. Spend a few minutes clicking on the little color boxes in each category - the portraits are simply gorgeous.

Not surprisingly, within 10 minutes, I totally made a couple of magnets for myself.

I know I gravitated toward the striking nature of this image, mostly because it pretty much represents the overwhelming emotions of this week. Like most everyone, I've spent each night glued to CNN, watching helplessly as the Haiti coverage continues, and the stories grow bleaker.

Annnnd, I had a whole long self-indulgent and irrelevant (tm @Alyssa_Milano) rant to complete this post, but you know what? It was self-indulgent and irrelevant, and therefore, poof!

Anyway, check out the Parrinder site - it's seriously like reading the Hollywood/Londonwood pictorial issue of Vanity Fair...but without the long articles!

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jen said...

And it's like a little photo gallery of people we watch. (I think we watch too watch Brit TV.)

joy said...

You think?