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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anything you can do...

Magnet #797 - Tiffany's Magnolias and Irises

This Tiffany stained glass window centered around Magnolias and Irises is another of my art gallery magnets from the Met. Yes, I should own stock in the Met Shop.

This piece used to be in a Brooklyn cemetery mausoleum, which is kinda weird, mainly because I'm wondering what's now in its place over the bridge. I don't know why I didn't know this, after seeing so much of Tiffany's work, but he and his studios were often commissioned for memorial windows - that's the River of Life back there.

Even from its sad beginnings, I do love this magnet - it reminds me of both my parents. My mother, because she loves magnolias and irises. And my father, because he's something of a stained glass artist himself.

Basically, he took a bunch of stained glasses courses, learned the rudimentary skills, quit the classes, and started designing and making his own designs. He's designed a couple of really gorgeous pieces, mostly for the house. All of that, is because when he sees something, he honestly thinks he can do it better.

I mean, after all, we're talking about the man who sat in Musee Marmottan in front of Monet's giant paintings and said, I can paint better than that!
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