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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ten to Eleven, and not an Elvis in sight

Magnet #763 - Vintage Elvis

Had a sleepover this weekend, which included Doctor Who, Clash of the Titans, Doctor Who, High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and Casanova. But no Elvis!

How is it possible that I'm friends with someone who doesn't want to watch Elvis movies? Especially the one at the World's Fair?!?

Eh, it's ok. I think we did ok with everything else on the docket.

Well, kinda.

Yesterday, I found out the answer to the "Am I a David Tennant fan, or a Doctor Who fan" question. The answer is both.

The Eleventh Doctor debuted in the UK, and I found myself pretty charmed by Matt Smith. I kinda knew that was gonna happen, but I didn't think I'd throw over David Tennant so quick.

To be clear, I haven't. Still love the David. But apparently, liking the new Doctor, too.
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