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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor Who?

Magnet #769 - Doctor Who, Ten to Eleven

Lest ya'll think I've thrown David over for Matt, here's a magnet that better explains where I stand on the whole regeneration issue.

Having seen the one Eleven episode and a few interviews with the guy, I find myself willing to accept the newbie. But unwilling to leave David behind.

Anyway. There.

A Doctor Who magnet and another magnetpost with absolutely no real content whatsoever.

What? I'm still trying to get caught up to my real-time magnet count, and willing to sacrifice my handmade magnets of cuteboys to do so. I do this, rather than spoil anyone for how good the first Matt Smith episode is for those crazies in the US audience not willing to use alternative means to watch that episode ahead of time. And besides, @BlogtorWho has way funner review of the episode than I could have written.
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