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Monday, April 12, 2010

Why wasn't I notified?!?!

Magnet #776 - New Doctor Who

Dudes. Dudes! So this Wednesday, USA Today's hosting a panel/preview with the new Doctor, his new companion, and their new executive producer. How did I know this? Cuz @BBCAmerica Tweeted, then FB'd it.

And I was all over it, within seconds, immediately Tweeting three (now four) additional souls to go with me. Because that's how social media works.

This morning, via an @PaleyCenter Tweet, I find out that the Paley Center is co-hosting the same event with BBCAmerica. Tonight!

An event, as far as I can tell, was *not* widely talked about. An event, that I said to one of my friends not two weeks ago, it's odd that Paley's not doing anything with BBC-A about this, especially since they're gonna be in town for the USA Today thing.

Clearly, I would rather have gone to the Paley Center event, first and foremost, because I've been a member of the Paley Center for a few years now. A member! How was I not notified?!?! Mind you, I'm always pushing the Paley, on joy magnetism, on Twitter and FB, and to all my friends on whatever boards I visit. I always know what's going on at the Paley!

But, I didn't see the DW notice on FB, and I'm a group member. I didn't see it on Twitter, and I follow both @PaleyCenter and @BBCAmerica. I don't even remember seeing it on the many collateral pieces they send to me - in duplicate, because they think I'm two different people with two different memberships!

To be fair, I'm sure the panel info was emailed to my Excite account (shut it, I know). But it doesn't stop me from being frustrated that I didn't find out through any social media outlets, where I spend half my working and personal life to begin with.

Oh, I should totally get over it, because I'm gonna see the very same people on Wednesday night in the village, admittedly with a demo that's probably more my age than the Paley membership. And it's totally ridiculous that I should be this upset, particularly as I'm not even 100% in Matt Smith's corner (probably more like 80%). It's not like they're hosting David Tennant or anything.

But, I just hate missing out on things here in town. Especially when I've taken measures to ward against making sure I'm a member of fun, cool places in order to not miss out on fun, cool things.

And, at the risk of sounding like one of those people who hashtag everything in life, this was a #totalsocialmediafail, particularly as I totally could have wrangled an additional four people to come with me!

Hmph. And now I've wasted a perfectly good homemade Doctor Who magnet on this rant, rather than talk about the new series and the new Doctor and the new companion and the new executive producer and the new ad campaign and the new branding! Oh, wait. I just did.

Still. Grrrrr.

And now I'm extremely disappointed, because I did just go check my Excite inbox that I haven't checked since middle of January. And, no. There wasn't a notice. Hmph. That's not cool. That's not cool. At. All.
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