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Friday, April 23, 2010

Light on the Sea

Magnet #791 - Light on the Sea

Hey, did you know that if you hit Tab_Enter too many times, it can lead to premature blogging? Whoa.

So, yep, this is Winslow Homer's Light on the Sea, from the Corcoran Gallery of Art in DC. I really did enjoy this gallery, even if it was fairly small. (I'm still convinced I may have missed a like a whole couple of sections somewhere in there. But anyway.)

This chick is funny looking - is that bad to say, given that, you know, Homer's a pretty well-known artist? Still. She's a bit mannish. And, who is she mad at, that she's got her hands on her waist looking in askance at some dude (because you totally know it's a dude sitting up there) farther up on shore?

I mean clearly, by the title of the piece, we're really supposed to be looking at how the light sits on the sea behind this woman, but, it's fairly hard to see. I suppose the other thing to consider is that this is a picture of a stamp with a picture that was probably taken a while back, so the image quality is clearly something to be desired. Even if you go to the Corcoran site, the image has a vastly darker quality to it. I kinda like this lighter version of it, really.

And, there's no particular reason I picked this for today, other than it reminded me once again of my favorite picture of me in Rhode Island. So much so, that I totally just went to my Snapfish account and made that picture into a magnet. I hope it turns out ok. Of course, when I went to my account, I found a few older images in my Snapfish albums that I wanted to make into magnets.

Yep. This blog could go on and on, I say.

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