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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monsieur Monet

Magnet #788 - Monet's View of Bordighera

Random quickpick for today, this magnet of Bordighera, a city on the Italian Riviera, just over the border from France. Monet spent some time here, along with his pal Renoir, who also painted views from there as well.

This magnet was part of a bigger set of magnets that I bought from the Brooklyn Museum of Art several years ago. Though, I noticed this weekend that I am quickly outgrowing my Monet magnetboard. Mind you, that was after I bought two more to add to the collection.

Anyway, here's something weird that I've been thinking - it's always hard for me to remember that Monet was French. And doubly hard to remember, given that in my head, he's Richard Armitage!
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