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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stop to smell the roses

Magnet #759 - Faberge's Bouquet of Lilies Clock

And the lilies, so it seems.

Sigh. Here's another one sitting in the Armoury Museum of the Kremlin in Moscow, just waiting for me to visit.

You know I love my Faberge eggs - this one's the Bouquet of Lilies Clock, also known as the Madonna Lily Clock Egg.

It was produced in 1899, and is pretty sizable at just under a foot tall, and is made of golf, diamonds, platinum, white and yellow enamel, and white chalcedony. Dudes, I don't even know what chalcedony is, but it just sounds pretty.

As is the custom with all of my eggs, it's a unique combination of flower symbols with its meanings of love (roses) and purity (lilies). Add in the ornate curlicues toward the bottom, which signify flames, and you have a strong representation of familial love.

The detail is astounding with the flowers and their small diamonds and the leaves and stems tinted with gold. I bet it's amazing to see up close!

Actually, based on my limited viewings, they all seem to be unbelievable up close and personal. Plus, the thing I always forget with these eggs is that their opulence is in a direct contrast with a nation and people in deep trouble at the time.

Goodness. I know need to visit Moscow, at some point.

I miss having our little Forbes stash of eggs down the street! Of course, right now, all I can see when I see this superpretty magnet, is that the egg's off center! But pay that no never mind. Heh.

I really picked this for today, because it's April First, and I wanted something gorgeous to match what I was told was a beautiful day outside.

Happy April, folks!
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