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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthdays, weddings and beaches (or not, as the case may be)

Magnet #134 - Pacific Beach, CA

Birthdays. There are a few friends and family birthday combinations that always confuse me every year, no matter how many times I'm corrected. I never get them right.

January 26 vs. January 28
May 20 vs. May 22
June 6 vs. June 10
July 5 vs. July 6
December 30 vs. December 31

Seriously - you'd think that I'd have a master calendar of birthdays. And I do. It's just that sometimes, it's even wrong. Or, it's at the office. Heh.

So, today may or not by my friend's birthday. If it is, hope you're having a great birthday. If it isn't, and it's tomorrow, hope you'll have a great birthday.

This is us in the magnet. Her wedding in San Diego was the final stop on my Woman on her Own Roadtrip I took. It was great fun - she rented a house on the beach for everyone to stay at, and it was like a reunion of all her cousins...people she'd grown up with, and by extension, people I'd grown up with.

As ya'll know, I don't like the beach - in fact, I don't remember actually touching the water, even with the house on the beach. So instead, one of her cousins and I squeezed in a drive-by trip of San Diego proper and of Coronado to see the Navy SEALs. (Shut it. I like SEALs.) I even squeezed in the Flower Fields of Carlsbad...I didn't actually go into the fields, but of course, made it into the little shop to grab something for my gardening mom.

Even with all the sidetrips - at some point, I need to make it back out to San Diego - to actually do San Diego, but mostly to meet her ever-growing family! I'll get there, I swear!
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Erika said...

I remember the trip where you scheduled in beach time for 4:00-4:30...and then stayed in the hotel room.

And Happy Birthday, P!

joy said...

Yep. Myrtle Beach, SC. And the beach was lovely. From the hotel room.