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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Give the man some knowledge...

Magnet #137 - Japanese Footbridge

I mentioned yesterday that if you'll look at the pretty-pretty picture of Monet's water garden, you'll see the Japanese footbridge waaaaay in the back.

And here it is!

What? I can't help it, I loves me some Monet. I was thinking of making this week Monet week, but, as I was visiting my art gallery (on my fridge door, remember), I sort of realized that I could have a Monet month. So, consider yourselves spared.

Which is what my dad was hoping for during our time in Paris, a bit of a reprieve from the daily grind of Musee du this, Musee d'that. And everywhere we went, there was more Monet. After our Giverny trip, he was all studied up on Monet, having been on the tour and everything. And, he learned, that Monet had a degenerative eye disease, just as Goldengait mentioned yesterday.

So, there my parents and I were sitting (my dad has a homing beacon for benches of all sorts) in the middle of the Musee Marmottan, surrounded by walls and walls of Monet. And we're surrounded by quiet conversation of the other visitors.

And all of a sudden, through the quiet, you hear my dad: "You know, he's not very good. He only painted this way because he was blind."

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The Geek said...

Hey check me and my psychic vision out! ;-)

Don't you love fathers who love to travel and learn and still manage to put their foot in their mouth about stuff? My dad has traveled all over for work (Norway, Chile, Mexico, England, and--I'm not making this up--Timbuktu AND outer Mongolia), and yet when we went to Italy a few years ago, he was under the impression that speaking louder and slower would magically make Italians understand English.

You'd think he'd be a more savvy, international guy by now...

joy said...

Oh, yes. Fathers are strange creatures.

I should further explain that his comment was totally made on purpose to tease me. And that it was followed up with his customary...[insert Filipino accent here] "I could do better than that!"

Followed by me shushing him as the hopefully not English-speaking folks looked our way.

Cool, Timbuktu! My sister's headed to Kathmandu (another place I didn't fully believe existed) for her internship in the fall.

G said...

Beethoven was deaf.

I just sayin'.

joy said...

Heh. Yeah, but then he wouldn't have been able to hear my dad's comment. You know, besides being dead 'n all.