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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That that nation might live

Magnet #130 - Gettysburg College Cupola

So, this day in 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg (the turning point in the Civil War) began.

It's kinda weird, I seem to have quite a few magnets that are war-related. I wonder if that's because man tends to build more war-related sites and monuments, etc. Or, maybe it's because more happens on the field of battle than in a meadow of peace, and that's what we need to remember. As Lincoln said:
The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.
Actually, this magnet is the Gettysburg College cupola at Pennsylvania Hall. A friend of mine went to one of their events, and they were giving these magnetic lapel pins away.

Why the cupola, you ask? It seems to be one of the hallmarks of the college, and according to the site, Pennsylvania Hall has great historical significance. It's one of the college's original buildings (circa 1837). But also, both armies took it over at some point during the Battle. It's a high vantage point, so they (included General Lee) used it to keep an eye on the fighting raging below. On top of that, this building housed the more than 700 casualties treated there. And finally, it was from here that the students (I had thought most colleges had closed during the war, but I supposed wrong) walked into town to hear Lincoln deliver his address.

Oh! There's also a whole Cupola Society, which is comprised of the high-end donors to the school. Which I totally thought was a secret society, but then realized that to be secret, they'd probably not have their own webpage.

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The Geek said...

Hey! I've been there! My dad went to Gettysburg College for undergrad, and when I was little (like, 7) he got all nostalgic and hauled the family back to the east coast to show us random places from his childhood.

...I just remember it was late July and I got heat rash. :-(

joy said...

Heh. I love when parents drag kids around and we remember it for life.