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Friday, July 25, 2008

Rock of Joy

Magnet #154 - Joy's Rock Garden

A friend of mine gave me this magnet, which could either be a pet rock named Joy, or a my own little piece of the rock, or my own little Rock of Ages. (A song that honestly, I don't ever remember singing in any Mass I've ever attended, which always makes people wonder what kind of heathens Catholics are.)

Joy's actually my middle name, because when you're five, no one could pronounce my first name, Linille. Well, no one down South could, so we went with Joy because it was easier, even if they did end up making it into two, sometimes three, syllables.

Annnnnd, that's all I have on this lovely Friday - other than TXF opens today, wuhooo!
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The Geek said...

Can't wait to see TXF, and am desperately trying to wish my way into an early enough night sometime this week that I can see it after a day at the hospital! Why did I think quality time with my family at the beach this weekend was more important than this movie? ;-) (Kidding.... mostly...)

joy said...

Definitely go. I had mixed feelings about it, so I'll be interested to see what you thought.