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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cheating on George Clooney...with Joshua Jackson

Magnet #151 - Dawson's Creek, but really, Pacey's Pond

I swear, this is the last of the Cheating on George Clooney series, but really only because I haven't any magnets for Clive Owen or Jason Statham or Gerard Butler or...well, you get the picture.

Really, one could argue that my fling isn't really with Joshua Jackson, but really with Pacey J. Witter (except for the tragic Promicide episode, which we won't discuss here).

Joshua's probably the longest fling, since he's from like, OMG, the 1990s, which is odd, since he's actually the youngest. He's also the most like George, too. I'm convinced young Joshua's gonna be a George when he hits his mid-30s and 40s.

Really. He had a taste of success when he was really young - obvi, those Duck movies (/Pacey, Breakfast Club-esque Detention eppy). Then the Creekers were the hottest thing off The WB for a couple of years. And during and since, he's done a couple of rather ok movies, mixed in with some critical work that no one really saw. Having watched almost anything he's put out - I think he's damn sight better than most people give him credit for.

I'm hoping that Fringe, his new show this fall, will do for him what ER did for George. That might be shooting a bit high, and I might be here next year at this time wondering why it didn't take off. Granted, I've seen only the same "leaked" pilot version online that everyone else has seen.

It has a few things going for it. Joshua Jackson. The other JJ - J.J. Abrams. A fairly interesting concept. Damned awesome titles and supers (what? yes, I'm reaching, but they really are freakin' awesome). A fabulous good teaser campaign that I hope they decide to nix the real launch ad campaign for.

It does have a few things against it. It's on FOX, which means (unless J.J. has them over a barrel somehow) it has only a couple of shots to make it, before Fox programming decides that they don't care how much they've spent on advertising and ruthlessly pulls it. Also, Mark Valley's in it, and though I love him and he's adorable, too, he can be somewhat of a show killer. And, the verdict's out on the lead chick - though she's like a young Cate Blanchett, she's a little too bland. (They should have cast his real-life gal pal, Diane Kruger, but no doubt, there's another National Treasure to produce. Heh.)

But, for now, who cares? My Pacey's gonna be back on my tv every week!

Dear FOX,

Don't screw it up.

Love and kisses,
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G said...

I'll have the dustpan and handbroom ready to sweep up the chards of your hopes, when FOX dashes them on the Rocks of Ratings.

The Geek said...

I had the same thought, Joy: Can JJ Abrams at the helm of a show provide enough power to slog through an entire first season with the FOX network masochistically trying to bring it down?

Did you, by any chance, watch Drive? FOX only played 3 or 4 episodes, and switched nights and time slots with each episode, and then decided there weren't enough viewers and they canceled it. Not enough viewers? Keep it on the same night and time and maybe your viewers will be able to find it to watch it!

joy said...

I have to believe that JJ (and Joss, actually) have managed to barter a really good deal with FOX programmers to, I dunno, give their shows a fair and well-programmed chance.

I did watch Drive, along with more than a few people. No one could find the damn thing! Stupid FOX programming! I have to admit that even with Nathan, I had to give up...I didn't even finish out the show online. Sad.